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A day long since passed there was a gamer. He was no ordinary gamer but a gamer with ambitions and dreams. His name was KnightStalker. Knight's ideas were not impossible nor were they far from coming alive. He came up with the idea to found a gaming clan. This clan of his was going to be something small, but later became reality, grew large, suffered through poor leadership, almost disbanned, and experienced a coup. It is a long story starting off in December of 2000, a story which is still being written everyday by the members of the Blacknights.

Around December 2000, KnightStalker created the clan and admitted a few enlistees. Among these new members were Longhorn, BubbaTheGreat, and Trooper. Soon after Blacknights was established Longhorn grew restless and his ambitions overpowered good judgement. He became hungry for power and he took the Blacknights from KnightStalker and claimed the clan to be his own. Under Longhorn the clan experienced fame and was a well established organization among Team Fortress Classic gamers. But, as power-hungry people are, Longhorn lacked the leadership skills to take Blacknights to the next level. He pushed all duties as leader off onto the hands of Trooper and Longhorn became a dictator. This was the downfall of BK. The enlistment rate grew high as Blacknights once had 55 members. Among these members were DarkAlien, Neo, Volatile and others. During the Longhorn Era, BK accepted two matches, both were lost not because of lack of talent, but lack of discipline. Longhorn failed to train and prepare BK for these situations and the Blacknights proved to be a flop under Longhorn.

In the months prior to October 2001 Longhorn grew unpopular as BK membership dropped to around 12 members, 7 active. Longhorn denied the fact that there were problems and disfunctions in the clan. He also became inactive as the Blacknights lost their popular stance in the gaming community. Blacknights was no longer a respectable organization but was a laughing stalk and something that KnightStalker had never wanted it to be. With this, a group of high-ranking members formed a coalition and seized leadership from Longhorn. A swift and silent coup just like past empires and nations have experienced. With the coup Blacknights members have grown to be more active and spirited. There is pride in being in Blacknights once again as the new Blacknights are working their hardest to return the clan to its place long since forgotten.

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